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Peyman Ghasemi, Construction Consulting in Leeds & surrounding areas

Peyman Ghasemi, Construction Consulting in Leeds & surrounding areasPeyman Ghasemi, Construction Consulting in Leeds & surrounding areas

Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 2018  Introduction: From May 2018, GDPR comes into effect and supersedes Data Protection Act. It affects all companies of varying size and structure and the manner they handle personal data affecting EU citizens. Accordingly, P G Construction Consultants Ltd (PGCCL) is aware of its responsibility to comply with GDPR. To ensure that PGCCL complies with its legal obligations, it has adopted the procedures set by Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). These are summarised as follows; At PGCCL, we are aware of responsibilities under the GDPR and as such steps have been taken to address them. What information PGCCL holds: Due to the very diverse nature of the commissions handled by PGCCL, it is often necessary to undertake background checks on individuals and organisations. For example when dealing with party wall matters, leasing, licensing and boundary disputes, it is important to ensure that the affected parties are correctly identified. Hence, we obtain property information through procuring copies of title deeds, plans and such like from the Land Registry or other bona-fide sources. It is worth noting that such information are NOT sensitive personal data and they are no more than general information which are already within public domain. Periodically we undertake credit checks on certain new clients whom we have had no previous dealings. Again we do not procure any sensitive personal data except those necessary to ensure a client is able to meet its contractual obligations for a commission handled by PGCCL. Invoicing: We always encourage our clients to make any fees payable to PGCCL by BACS payment through their banks. Only as the last resort when clients do not wish to make a BACS payment, to pay by cheques. In that event except presenting the cheques (personal or company cheques) to the banks, we do not keep a copy of bank account/ cheque numbers, etc. At PGCCL we do NOT disseminate any personal information concerning our clients or any parties which we deal with to third parties, except those who are related to any commission handled by PGCCL. The general information we keep are no more than those directly related to the above mentioned commissions, which  are held both digitally and paper format on project files. Some documents may require holding for a prescribed period of time to comply with legal requirements. Also, it is not uncommon for some of our past clients to contact PGCCL requesting a copy of a lost document. Accordingly, most general personal data used in documents remain in our possession (for reasons stated above), until such time, PGCCL is contacted for the permanent deletion of such information.  If any party(ies) to any commission undertaken by PGCCL requires the deletion of their general data held by PGCCL, they could formally make a request to PGCCL at any time. In such cases, arrangements will be made for permanent deletion of such information and PGCCL will contact such party(ies) confirming their action. Similarly, any party(ies) wishing to know what personal data has been held by PGCCL which may concern them, they should contact PGCCL in writing stating the nature of their request. PGCCL always responds to any reasonable request concerning such matters, free of charge and within the time limit permitted by GDPR. In consideration for matters mentioned above, PGCCL recognises the following rights by individuals; 

• The right to be informed, when personal data is required to be gathered 

• the right of access to personal information 

• the right of rectification of personal data held 

• the right of deletion of any personal data, requested by a relevant party 

• The right to restrict processing any personal data (eg bank details) At PGCCL, we handle any personal data in-house and no part of your personal data is externally processed. All forms are designed and used in-house. All personal data held digitally are held on hard drives and storage devices kept securely on our premises with NO access by any unauthorised external entity. To ensure our computer system holding your data is not put at undue risk of hacking, there are several layers of digital security in place (including independent internet security system and initial screening of incoming emails by a reputable independent security system provided by internet provider). Additionally, we run a regular secondary internet security software to ensure our digital system will not be exposed to undue risk of hacking. Our backup system includes a twin storage device for instant mirroring of stored data on separate drives and additional periodic backup of vital files containing personal and other sensitive information on separate storage devices. In the unlikely event of data breaches, we will inform our clients and other relevant parties, forthwith.  Finally, during the course of undertaking our professional duties, if we require your consent, we shall approach you directly, explaining the type of personal information required, why we need to collect them and shall request your formal consent in writing.     All contacts concerning GDPR matters should be directed to the following;  

Mr P Ghasemi  


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